Sidra sessions go virtual

Sidra sessions go virtual

OTTAWA, Ont.—Sidra Treehouse had our first virtual mentorship session Sunday, July 12.

With the stay at home orders and the social distancing measures in place, our mentors have moved online to provide Treehouse sessions over Zoom. 

“The whole purpose of this program is to stay connected with the children. They’ve been reaching out to us through social media and told us they missed us, and we really miss them too,” said Safia Hassan, Lead of Outreach & Engagement.

The 1.5-hour Zoom sessions will mainly consist of games, crafts, and discussions. Sidra Treehouse has partnered with Let’s Talk Science, who will provide us with science kits to deliver to our kids. Our mentors will guide the mentees through these activities over Zoom.

Hassan is excited to offer more Sidra programming since COVID-19 halted our regular activities.

“A mentorship relationship goes both ways—a mentor benefits as much as a mentee,” she said. “Obviously giving back to your community is incredibly rewarding, but I think the best part of our roles as mentors is seeing the kids grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and interpersonally… that’s the biggest reward for us at Treehouse. I just want to see them go out into the world and be confident and know that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to.”

Interested in joining the Treehouse family?  Apply to become a mentor.

Newcomer and refugee children ages 4 to 14 can reconnect with their Sidra support network, keep their relationship and trust going, and continue to grow with our new virtual mentorship sessions.

Sign up for free today—there are limited spaces available.

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