Learn to code with Sidra Treehouse

Learn to code with Sidra Treehouse

OTTAWA, Ont.—Sidra Treehouse is launching our first-ever coding camp Aug. 1-29—and we want you to sign up!

We are excited to bring a five-week coding camp for beginners. The camp is open to everyone ages 9 to 12, not just Sidra mentees. 

“Coding is a really good skill to have, and it’s fun!” said Mariam Radwan, the camp’s founder. She is minoring in computer science at UOttawa.

Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m., kids will learn how to use Scratch, a block-based visual programming language developed by MIT. No coding knowledge or experience is required—Scratch allows you to easily program interactive stories, games and animations. 

“You will be able to design your own games,” said Radwan. “Kids should join because coding is being used in every way, every day.”

Each week, you will learn a different activity and learn about what you can do with coding. There will also be a little bit of friendly competition—groups collect points with each activity, and on the last day, prizes will be awarded.

Check out our Coding Camp page to register today!

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