Making a difference

one Sidra session at a time

While traditional mentorship takes place one-on-one, Treehouse’s group mentoring program creates a positive and fun environment where children can come together to learn through engaging activities. We connect children with older brothers and sisters who they can look to as both role models and friends.

Sidra promotes

  • The importance of education

  • Critical thinking skills

  • The values of acceptance, understanding and collective growth

  • Mutual respect & unity

Weekly Sessions

Our free weekly program is a consistent source of enrichment and social activity for newcomer and refugee children. The two hours interacting with our mentors and other kids helps them comfortably adjust to life in Canada. 

The first hour focuses on academics to help the kids reach their new school’s levels. They are divided up into small groups and learn math or English. The second hour is social; the kids can choose to run around outside if it’s nice out, play indoors, craft and more. They finish the afternoon with a healthy snack.

More than

Children attend Sidra every week
Sidra sessions held over the last three years

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Our mentors aim to be role models and compasses in these children’s lives, so that they go through this major life change with the necessary support to adapt and achieve their potential.

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