Sidra sessions are back, and
our mentors have moved online!

Kids will be split up by age and gender into groups of five. This allows everyone to get the most of their session and have focused time with a Sidra mentor. Kids will work with their mentor to find their interests and work towards building a lasting bond.

Virtual Sidra

Ages 4-14

Social time


Science experiments

A mentor and child sitting down and looking at notes


Mentees will join their small mentorship group for 1.5 hour Zoom sessions to reconnect with their Sidra support network to keep the relationship and trust going, while building new bonds virtually. Sidra Treehouse hopes to continue transmitting important values like acceptance, understanding and collective growth.

The sessions will be mostly social, but we will do some crafts and science experiments over Zoom. We’ve partnered with Let’s Talk Science, and we will be delivering all the weekly craft and science supplies to your homes!

What you need:

Stable internet connection

Computer, tablet or smartphone

Access to Zoom

Limited spaces are available.

Want to join our virtual sessions?

Our mentors aim to be role models and compasses in these children’s lives, so that they go through this major life change with the necessary support to adapt and achieve their potential.

Interested in helping out?

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