COVID-19 Update

Ottawa-Gatineau COVID-19 Relief

OTTAWA, Ont.—Our weekly Sidra sessions were postponed in early March because of COVID-19, but our team members are still active in the community.

Soumaya Marhnouj, our special events coordinator, has been leading a COVID-19 relief response in the Ottawa-Gatineau area with help from other Sidra Treehouse members and local associations.

“Whenever an organization needs backup, they call us because they know that our volunteers are dedicated and committed,” said Mariam Aly, our co-director.

We are assisting The United Muslim Organizations of Ottawa Gatineau help people from any community, culture or faith during the coronavirus crisis. 

We provide food, run errands for essential supplies and offer phone calls with registered counsellors for people struggling with their mental health. If you need help, fill out this form, or call 613-686-3922. If you’d like to help out, sign up here.

We have been able to make a positive impact in the community with generous donations. For the month of Ramadan, we distributed over 1,250 food kits to Ottawa families.

Ramadan Stats – 30,000+ pounds of food delivered

It's been a truly remarkable Ramadan! Just in the month of Ramadan, we delivered a total of 30,000+ pounds of food in 1,250+ food packages to 800+ families. Our program is committed to serving anyone who is in need during this time regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. Support us by donating through #covid #covid19 #relief #coronavirus #canada #ottawa #gatineau

Posted by Ottawa-Gatineau Covid-19 Relief on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

You can donate to the relief response here, or follow our efforts on Facebook.

Sidra mentors have also been keeping in touch with our kids and families during this time.

“We miss them a lot. We actually can’t wait to get back,” said Juman Asmar, our co-lead for programming.

We look forward to getting back to Sidra’s weekly sessions as soon as possible and to continue making a difference in our kids’ lives.

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